Official Name: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE)

Geographical Location and Boundary

Ethiopia is strategically located in the northeastern part of Africa popularly known as "the Horn of Africa". It shares boundary with the North and South Sudan on the west, Somalia and Djibouti on the East, Eritrea on the North and northwest and Kenya on the South.


There are three principal climate groups in Ethiopia: tropical rainy climate, dry climate and warm temperate rainy climate.


Based on the results of the May 2007 National population and Housing Census of Ethiopia, the projected population size of the country for the year 2012 is 84,320,987 of which males constitute 42,556,999 while females number 41,763,988.

Capital City

Addis Ababa, the capital and largest city in the country, is the seat of the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic Ethiopia, the African Union (AU), and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). Several other international organizations have their headquarters and branch offices in the capital.


The total area of Ethiopia is 1,112,000 square kilometers and there is great variation in the climate, natural vegetation, soils and settlement patterns. 65% of total area is arable and 15 % is cultivable.


Ethiopia is multiethnic, multilingual and multicultural nation where 62.8% of inhabitants are Christians, 33.9% are Muslims, 2.6 % of other faiths and 0.6 % of other religion (as per 2007 census).The constitution guarantees equal religious, political and social rights to its citizens.


Ethiopian Birr

Official Language



The flag of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has three colors which are set horizontally. Green is on the top , yellow in the middle and red at the bottom, and a blue circular background is found on the center .


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